New Original Artwork by artist Sfanis.

Title: The Knights of the Death.

Year: 2020.

Size: 121.5 x 91.5cm. Ready to hang.

This very unusual and creative artwork reflects thoughts about the possible underworld life and its dark side secrets. Also, this painting is a part of Sfanis' collection "The Introductory to Semblance Abstraction", which is introducing a completely new art style.

Below a few transcription clues for the artwork:

-the Death is an easy recognise black pattern on the left side from top to bottom. She is sending her knights to the earth to grab the victims, chosen by her (actually, our unknown fate in action);

-the knights are in red colours, kneeling to start their run (you can find their helmets, silver-red shields on the middle right side).

There is also a silver ship with red sails, swords, knives, wolves and nightmares masks.

There are a few more images to find.

Each artist's artwork will get only a minimal portion of the main clues (while on the website's display). When the art is bought, the artist will provide a complete set of transcription "clues" to the buyer.

So, only the new owner will know the full idea of the artwork.

The Knights of the Death

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