Below a few transcription clues for the artwork:

This artwork reflects the actual event, which has terribly affected the whole world: pandemic Covid-19.
The central figure is a black skull in the middle of the painting. It symbolises a Pandemic itself, which wears a black hat, has black eyes, a black nose, red mouse, yellow tongue and white teeth. It has shoulders (in blue), and its blue hand (in the right bottom corner) shows that someone would go in that direction (so, the victim's life is likely over).
The figure in red and green (behind the skull) is a soul of the Pandemic.
The complicated geometrical shapes of red and green colour (left from the centre) symbolise the virus's physical form. 
The yellow colour shapes symbolise nightmares of the affected person. It could be also interpreted as doctors' figures in their suits and masks. They are going to help you but, unfortunately, it how they look like when the patient is very sick.  
The black background symbolises a few things: the devil's kingdom; its rising from the darkness; sadness and tragedy, which difficult to avoid.
However, there is a small piece of white section in the middle. It is tiny now, but it gives some hopes that (soon or later) there would be a light at the end of the tunnel.


"Dear art lovers!

Each artist's artwork will get only a minimal portion of the main clues (while on the website's display). When the art is bought, the artist will provide a complete set of transcription "clues" to the buyer.

So, only the new owner will know the full idea of the artwork.

It'll be solely up to the buyer to keep it secret or release it to the public in the future.

Also, to get this working, there will always be just the only original artwork".

"Pandemic. Welcome to the Party". 2020. Acrylic on canvas. 121.5cm x 91.5cm

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