Original artwork. "Ice Skating with Friends On the Frozen Lake". Acrylic on canvas, varnished, ready to hang.

This artwork is a tribute to those great times spent with friends by ice skating on the frozen lake during the winter.

Ice skating is a hugely popular activity that forms the basis of many winter sports, including figure skating, ice hockey and speed skating. Ice skating is an accessible and social pastime that offers a diverse range of health and fitness benefits. Whether you hope to improve balance, strengthen leg muscles or gain nimbler footwork, it could be time to get your skates on!

Originating in Scandinavia four millennia ago, ice skating has developed over the years into a fun yet physically demanding winter sport enjoyed by millions. Ice skaters travel over an icy surface (usually an ice rink or frozen body of water) on bladed boots. Depending on the type of competition, they may race across this length of the ice or perform complex dance moves upon it.

While beginners may struggle to stay upright on a slippery ice surface, balancing the body for successful skating is not too difficult to master. Experienced skaters move skilfully across the ice by digging their blades into its surface so that friction, and therefore control are substantially increased. Skaters can also heighten their momentum by following curved paths across the ice, carefully manoeuvring their bodies to maintain balance and quicken speed.

Please find few transcription clues below:

- there are four ice skating friends (in orange, red, black and yellow colours);

- their images have complicated patterns to reflect that they are constantly moving around with good speed, even against the wind;

- there are easy to find images of skates (left and right bottom corners). Skates have funny forms to reflect the fun and relax atmosphere.

There a few more images to find. Good luck, and have fun!


"Dear art lovers!

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So, only the new owner will know the full idea of the artwork.

It'll be solely up to the buyer to keep it secret or release it to the public in the future.

Also, to get this working, there will always be just the only original artwork".

"Ice Skating with Friends on the Frozen Lake". Acrylic. 121.5 x 91.5cm

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