New original artwork "From France with Love" by Sfanis.

Acrylic on canvas, 121.5cm x 91.5cm.

Ready to hang. A Certificate of Authenticity will be provided.

We present the first series of his collection dedicated to introducing the new art style philosophy and vision. The series has been called "Introduction to Semblance Abstraction. Part 1" and then "Part 2", accordingly.

Below a few transcription clues for this particular artwork:

- This artwork reflects the actual event: a trip to France. The central figure is a Gallic Rooster (in blue and red).

- There is the Eifel Tower (in the red, top left corner).

- Also, there is a symbol of the heart (in magenta at the top middle line).

- The multi-colour geometrical patterns are symbolising the streets of the famous district Montmartre.

- And of course, colours red, white and blue are on the France flag. There is a few more stuff you can try to find by yourself.

"From France with Love". 2020. Acrylic on canvas. 121.5cm x 91.5cm

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