"Carmen. Last Dance". Year: 2020, Original artwork, varnished, ready to hang.
This work is the artist tribute to a tragic love story, and at the same time - to a great performance about it by a ballet company.
This story is set in southern Spain and tells about the downfall of Don José, a naïve soldier who is seduced by the wiles of the fiery gipsy Carmen. 
As a ballet, ”Carmen” was created by Roland Petit and his company 'Les Ballets de Paris' at the Prince's Theatre in London on 21 February 1949. 

This ballet represents a great admixture of classical ballet, Spanish-style movement, mime, and freshly invented dramatic dance action.
The first scene is set in a street in Seville, where a crowd's dancing is interrupted by a girl being chased by Carmen. Their fight is only stopped by the arrival of Don José, who assists Carmen's defeated opponent. As he is about to arrest Carmen, he is struck by her allure and arranges an assignation for later. That evening in the tavern, Don José enters and dances the zapateado to the habanera music. Carmen next appears and dances, ending at Don José's feet; he lifts her and goes up to the bedroom. The customers dance, and when Carmen and Don José return, they join in before José wraps Carmen in his cape, and they go off.
The final scene is set outside the bull-ring, where girls await their hero's arrival, the toreador. He enters and greets them but is fascinated by the indifference shown by Carmen. José enters and notices their looks. The toreador moves into the arena whereupon Don José threatens Carmen, and in a fight to the death, he overcomes her. As she dies, hats are tossed from the bull-ring to land at his feet.

Some clues to "read" the painting:
- Don Jose is in black;
- Carmen is in white (dancing) and in red (tragic figure of love story).
There is a few more stuff to find, but only a buyer will get a full set of clues. Good Luck!

"Dear art lovers!

Each artist's artwork will get only a minimal portion of the main clues (while on the website's display). When the art is bought, the artist will provide a complete set of transcription "clues" to the buyer.

So, only the new owner will know the full idea of the artwork.

It'll be solely up to the buyer to keep it secret or release it to the public in the future.

Also, to get this working, there will always be just the only original artwork".

"Carmen. The Last Dance". 2020. Acrylic on canvas. 121.5cm x 91.5cm

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