Fanis Shakirzianau was born in Ekaterinburg in Russia. He took up painting as a hobby when he wanted to design his own competitive costume for figure skating competitions. While training and competing, he completed an art course in the Youth Art School and spent much of his out-off-sport time teaching himself to paint. He learned his skill by copying Impressionists, Surrealists and a plethora of Russian artists.

However, after finishing his personal sporting career, Fanis decided to become a sports coach and kept his painting a hobby. He became a successful World and Olympic coach and have been awarded the title “Honoured Coach of Russia”.  Apart from Russia, he has coached in many countries, including Belarus, Denmark, South Africa, Slovakia and New Zealand.

The turning point came in 2019 when he retired from high-performance coaching, got a residence in New Zealand and started his painting with a more serious approach. It took not so long time for him to realise that he has created something completely different from what he has painted or could see from other artists around the world, past or present.

The new art style ideas came out of a sequence of unusual dreams full of apparitions and phantoms in strange shapes.

A few of those dreams have been transformed into trial paintings.

He submitted his two new artworks to the exhibition in one of New Zealand cities, and both of his works were sold on the first day, and several galleries have approached Fanis as well.

It was that sweet moment many artists waited for their whole life: to create something no one has done before!

In 2020 Fanis had decided to establish his own art studio and started working on his first collections of the new art style.

He is also becoming an art director in Dunedin's WOA Art Gallery (New Zealand).